Solar Power

Solar Power

We take pride in our solar installations and enjoy seeing the cost saving for our customers


We have seen first hand that Queenslanders are embracing the renewable energy industry and are taking advantage of the available technologies and our perfect climate for Solar Energy. By harnessing the suns energy people are enjoying the cost saving benefits from their custom designed Solar Systems. When installing a system with Wondai Electrical Services you are guaranteed local after sales service and maintenance.

As a renowned business we have access to a multitude of suppliers meaning that our solar specialists can design and install your solar system to suit your budget and needs; we are not bias with solar products. However, we only recommend and install compliant and approved products by the CEC (Clean Energy Council) and the mandatory Australian Standards.

Wondai Electrical Services are proud channel partners with Horan & Bird/Origin Energy. To be an approved partner we are compliant with the strict safety requirements. Each solar installation that is performed is strictly audited for compliance.


Our team is skilled and accredited in the design and installation of:

•  Grid Connect Solar PV

- Enjoy the cost saving by harnessing the suns power in your home, workshop, business etc

•  Solar Battery Storage System

- "Self sufficient systems", ideal for high use of power at night, peace of mind in the storm seasons and to counteract unstable power supplies. We use the latest technology in battery chemistry

•  Off Grid/ Stand Alone Systems

- Can be a cheaper alternative to having power connected to your residence by the local power authorities

•  Solar Water Irrigation Pumps

- Ideal for agriculture, watering crops and water supply to livestock

•  Bore Pumps

– Solar power to supply existing or new submersible and surface mount pumps, significantly reduce the cost of diesel fuel to operate bore pumps. These systems have a proven short payback period

•  Solar to 3 Phase Power Conversion

- Convert solar power to 3 phase power specifically for motors used with water supply pumps, processing motors and more

•  Blended Power

- Automatically and seamlessly mix solar power with grid/generator power to supply motors particularly in remote areas where reliability is paramount



Arial view of Stand Alone Bore Pump

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